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Transformational Learning Free Essays

Transformational learning is the sort of experience that its result can deliver a degree of new significance in your life. This learning pattern of mind boggling undertakings is separated into four phases, perceiving a noteworthy issue, standing up to it seriously, finding an answer, and coordinating another point of view and another series of expectations into your life design. These four stages make the transformational procedure and requires extraordinary mental focus and cautious thought. We will compose a custom paper test on Transformational Learning or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now The power of this method is frequently difficult and distressing, henceforth forward the well-known adage â€Å"no torment, no gain†. To begin with, you should comprehend what the issue is that you are confronting and recognize it. At that point, you should confront the issue with an outrageous exertion. When these means are finished and at exactly that point, would you be able to begin finding an answer. The arrangement you find will give you another view. In light of this result, your recently gained see must be incorporated into your life design. Change on this level is regularly needed yet it doesn't come simple. These â€Å"before† and â€Å"after† states are the focuses that show us our self-awareness. The most transformational learning involvement with my life has been the conversation to return to class. The dread of working, having a family, and making time to contemplate and being effective in my examinations introduced an incredible issue to me. Instructions to adjust these three requesting measurements of my life and still be a similar individual was confusing. Through an experimentation procedure, I reclassified my life design, taking bits of individual and easygoing chance to boost my exertion of seeking after my objective. By placing all my concentration through my extra time in my work week, it opened up additional time on my end of the week to go through with my family. This new example I created has carried concordance and equalization to my life. Step by step instructions to refer to Transformational Learning, Papers

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Somputer technology Essay

In present day days, PC innovation assumes a critical job in our lives. It causes organizations and foundations to offer better types of assistance and quicker exchanges with their customers and clients. A large portion of the organizations are utilizing an automated based data framework that fulfill the requirements and improves the nature of their business. This data framework is utilized to pass data all through an association as needs be and help them to get to the documents in a simple manner. Innovation is broadly utilized in this age, is the reason utilizing manual framework is not, at this point pertinent particularly in putting away secret and significant records and documents. Shockingly, we find that along the little organizations like facilities, manual framework were as yet executed. Hence ,we have discovered that the vast majority of them experienced various issues, for example, lacking of back-up records of their patients, trouble in discovering documents and records, expending time in physically posting the data of the patients and utilizing a low innovation hardware for their records, for example, logbooks. As a framework investigator, we needed to assist an organization with improving the nature of their business and tackle the current issues they experienced. We have discovered that Health Alert Medical and Diagnostic Center in Taytay, Rizal was experiencing the said issues above in their facility. Our point is to give them a mechanized data framework that can assist them with diminishing patient’s holding up time and make a database that would fill in as their back-up for the patient’s document and records.These framework will be productive and successful to utilize contrast with the manual framework they are utilizing and can fulfill the nec essities of thier organization.

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How to Manage Stressful People in Your Life

How to Manage Stressful People in Your Life Stress Management Management Techniques Print How to Manage Stressful People in Your Life By Mark Stibich, PhD  Mark Stibich, PhD, FIDSA, is a behavior change expert with experience helping individuals make lasting lifestyle improvements. Learn about our editorial policy Mark Stibich, PhD Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD on November 12, 2019 facebook twitter linkedin Carly Snyder, MD is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who combines traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments.   Learn about our Medical Review Board Carly Snyder, MD Updated on February 04, 2020 How Stress Impacts Your Health Overview Signs of Burnout Stress and Weight Gain Benefits of Exercise Stress Reduction Tips Self-Care Practices Mindful Living kali9/Getty Images Learning to effectively manage stressful people is no easy feat. Too many people suffer from co-workers who make their jobs harder or families and friends who at best may be unaware of their negative impact, or at worst derive some satisfaction from it. Of the many negative feelings that can arise from dealing with difficult people, most will eventually boil down to emotional stress, which is the killer. Stress has been the subject of many a study in research dedicated to health and wellness (or, on the contrary, disease)?? and it has been shown to have a lasting impact on your mental state and physical health. Managing Stress and the People Who Cause It Everyone encounters daily stressors. Some are expected or even routine. Others catch us by surprise. Either way, we must manage some level of stress every day, and much of the time, we do it without even thinking about it. But there are still many times when we have to make a conscious effort to deal with the stress, and dealing with stressful or toxic people is just one of them. Whether their actions are frustrating, cruel, or simply negative, the best approach to working with stressful people is to be proactive and learn how to manage them and your stress. Here are five great tips for learning how to manage stressful people: 1. Be Proactive Because you have dealt with this person before, you can probably play the situation out in your head. You may even know exactly what they are going? to  do. Use that knowledge to decide what you are going to do. Be proactive and decide beforehand how you want to handle the situation and stick to that plan. You might just find this decision easier than dwelling in fear or negativity before the encounter, and it is certainly better than going in without a plan. 2. Control Your Reaction A person who doesnt care has tremendous power. If someone upsets you because of how they act, what they say, or what they believe, ask yourself: Why do I care? You cant change or control people, but you can control how you react to them. By taking the power of your response and reaction into your hands you not only provide a protective barrier, but you may just take the power away from them. 3. Dont Get on Their Emotional Bus Stressful people will try to take you on an emotional ride with them. They get angry, you get angry, and yelling happens. They get sad, you get sad, and everybodys sad. Dont get on their emotional bus. Listen, talk, and communicate, but dont let them control you by triggering unnecessary negative emotions. 4. Know What You Need and Your Goals When meeting with a stressful person, know beforehand what you need from the meeting. What are your goals? Keep those objectives in mind as the conversation ebbs and flows. Bring the talk back to your goals. If you can get your goals met, you have learned how to deal with this person. 5. Dont Dwell After your encounter with a particularly stressful person, dont dwell on it. If things went badly, do your best to rectify it or move on. You can be fairly certain that the stressful person isnt thinking about you and is on to the next victim. Dont allow a stressful interaction to ruin the rest of your day. That said, you can try to learn from your experience and create a plan for next time you are in that situation then let it go.

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The Existence Of God - 1304 Words

In this paper I’m going to argue that there exists only one God who is the most beneficent and the most merciful and that Blackburn’s claim for the existence of evil doesn t prove that there does not exist a God who is all knowing, all good and all powerful. Exposition:(349 words) In chapter five, Blackburn expresses his take on the existence of God. He believes that people with religious beliefs have to be evaluated â€Å"in terms of truth and falsity†. He thinks that that it is just the set of rituals or practices that people believe in without any proof or questioning because it spiritually satisfies them to most extent. Blackburn provides some arguments to show the existence of God. He gives ontological argument that God must exist to explain the world we live and how it all started which is like the indirect proof where existence of God is pretty much established by finding opposites of situations to explain the world and how everything is in order with no confusion. Then he supplies the cosmological argument that the existence of God is needed because of some cause to everything. Blackburn also goes on to describe the design argument that does not prove God’s existence with certainty but narrowly proves the existence to certain kinds of ob servation. Then there is â€Å"the problem of evil† that Blackburn describes. People want good things to happen in life but bad things also happen. Blackburn says how does an all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful God permit evil stuffsShow MoreRelatedThe Existence Of God : God1305 Words   |  6 PagesThe existence of God has been in question for as long as mankind has existed and thought logically. Many questions have plagued the human mind in regards to God, and there have been many arguments drawn with the hopes of proving the existence of a supreme being whom we know as God. The â€Å"God† question has been presented to every individual at some point in their lives. It is a topic that will bring forth never-ending questions and an equal amount of attempted answers. Many philosophers have formulatedRead MoreThe Existence Of God s Existence1339 Words   |  6 Pagesidea of God. The existence of God is one of the most sought out topic that is frequently inquired. Is ther e really a God or is God merely a concept humans created to explain the unexplainable? And if God does exist, what makes him different from the rest of us? A well-known philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas, introduced five proofs including the Cosmological Arguments of God’s existence, as well as explained some divine qualities that are associated with God. The nature of God’s existence is oftenRead MoreThe Existence of God1317 Words   |  6 PagesThe Existence of God For centuries, the idea of God has been a part of mans history. Past and present, there has always been a different integration consisting of the believers and the non-believers of God. The group of those who have faith in God tend to be related to one religion or another. On the other hand, the skeptics find the existence of God somewhat puzzling and try to seek the answers through scientific methods. Even as of today with all the modern technologies and the developmentRead MoreThe Existence Of God2601 Words   |  11 Pagesstatements established about the unseen and natural forces since the beginning of time. It gave rise to questions such as: Do aliens exist? Is there a world of the unseen? Life after Death and the most popular question since the beginning of times, Does God exists? And the answer is ‘yes’. Here is how I will justify my stance. Imagine yourself walking in the middle of a desert, which shows no signs of life regardless of which ever direction your eyes turn to. When, suddenly, you see something reflectingRead MoreGod s Existence Of God936 Words   |  4 PagesNot Be Afraid to Explore More Than One Religion God’s existence sometimes does not exist to certain people. When it comes to the teaching and knowledge about God many people are not aware because they have never been taught about how God appeared on the earth. I choose this topic because I was one of those people who has never really been raised around certain religion nor about the teaching how God came to be. However, I have been taught that God does exist and that his son Jesus are the reason forRead MoreThe Argument On The Existence Of God1629 Words   |  7 PagesThe idea of God has been a part of man’s history for centuries. Since time began there has been various combination of believers, and non-believers. Individuals who believes in God, belong to many different religion. Whereas, skeptics find the existence of God somewhat baffling, and have continually sought answers to His existence through scientific methods. As the world progresses in scientific, and technological advancement, the human race still face s the question of God’s existence. Many philosophersRead MoreAtheism And The Existence Of God Essay1294 Words   |  6 Pagesevident fact that God exists. Whereas some atheists would claim that the theists bear the burden of proof since they are making supernatural claims. In the following essay I will be discussing both opinions on this matter, and perhaps show how the burden of proof lies on both of them and neither of them. I will begin this discussion by defining the recurring terms during the discussion on the existence of God. Traditionally the three attitudes one could hold towards the existence of God are theism, atheismRead MoreEvil And The Existence Of God1147 Words   |  5 PagesThis essay is based on how the problem of evil attacks head on into the existence of god who is all good, all powerful and all knowing. The problem of evil is a wide area that can t be outrun easily. The concept of evil has been problematic to many philosophers. When speaking about evil, we all have the idea that is the absence of good. For some religious people, Evil has been described as a supernatural force, although for others is been described as part of the human nature. Blackburn mainly raiseRead MoreEssay on The Existence Of God908 Words   |  4 PagesPopular Arguments For The Existence Of God The Ontological Argument One of the most important attempts to demonstrate the existence of God is the ontological argument of Saint Anselm, an 11th-century theologian. Anselm’s argument maintains that God, defined as the greatest being that can be conceived, must exist, since a being that does not exist would by virtue of that fact lack an attribute that contributes to its greatness. Critics have questioned, however, whether existence actually contributesRead MoreThe Arguments For The Existence Of God1056 Words   |  5 PagesNovember 2015 Rough Draft for The arguments for the Existence of God. The question Does God Exist? is a well-known asked question in the world. Most people believe they know the answer to it. The religious people would say, well of course he does, while the non-religious people or atheist would say no He does not exist. Because evil exist and chaos exists, God cannot be all-powerful. In the modern world, there are many different opinions as to whether a God exists or not. This has been an issue of great

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Beethoven and Schuman - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1465 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category People Essay Level High school Tags: Ludwig van Beethoven Essay Did you like this example? As a result of the structural changes made, Beethoven was able to better project the type of emotion that he had intended to while composing. Gordon goes on to explain that the overall effect that is ultimately produced by these slow, repetitious triplets is an emotional one: One mood is thus sustained and unbroken throughout the movement, thereby establishing a serene but intense emotionalism. 24 Op. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Beethoven and Schuman" essay for you Create order 27, no. 2 provides evidence suggesting the possible beginnings of Beethovens attempt to clearly project a specific emotion or a definite state of mind in his sonata. The structure of Moonlight Sonata and the majority of the sonatas composed afterwards became subjected to the emotional content that was being projected. After the Moonlight Sonata, Op. 53 and 57, and Beethovens usage of experimentation has become all but uncommon, Beethovens late period of sonata compositions begins to take place. Beethoven has now broken so far away from the traditional, classical sonata form that his works are now widely considered by many to be romantic. It is no longer as simple to examine one of Beethovens sonatas which once so easy to compare to the other sonatas of the same time period. It is also interesting to note that some of these late compositions including Op. 109 are considered by some modern musicologists to not be sonatas at all. 25 In this final section of Beethovens sonata analysis, o nly a brief overview is offered. Most of Beethovens final piano sonatas all contain very detailed directions regarding tempo and expression that were written in German rather than the traditional ?at ease and ?sustained. In doing so, Beethoven, as a composer, is communicating to the performer the way in which the music should feel in a very clear and understandable way rather than including the standard, often vague allegro or allegretto. As mentioned in the introduction, the attempt to express emotion or lyricism better is definitely an aspect of romantic music. Many of the sonatas composed in the late period contain a type of lyricism that separates them from the earlier and middle sonatas and placing them into the romantic era of music. Similar to the problem we encountered when explaining the Moonlight Sonata, it is very difficult to explain how this type of lyricism is produced in Beethovens later piano sonatas. The opening movement of Op. 101 (1816) is an excellent example of Beethovens usage of musical lyricism. Gordon compares Op. 101 to Beethovens earlier Moonlight Sonata by explaining that both sonatas have an uninterrupted melodic intensity that is sustained from beginning to end. However , the musical structure of the first movement and those that follow it are very different from those found in his early and middle sonatas. Such structural differences include but are not limited to: a short development in the introduction of the second and last movements, abrupt changes in tonality and, most importantly, the usage of a style similar to the fugue of the baroque era. These final changes made to the sonata lead many people to consider them to be romantic. It can be understood from the evidence given in the previous section, concerning the musical changes that Beethoven made in his sonatas alone, that he was indeed a catalyst in the development of romantic music in Europe. This point can be found in countless essays, articles, and books on Beethoven and the role that he played in helping the transition. Many sources pay little or no attention to other pre-romantic composers. For example: The Development of Western Music, a text book in which the chronologically progre ssion of western music is examined, dedicates the entire section on the transition from classical music to romantic music to Beethoven only. But, should Beethoven alone receive credit for sparking the transition into the romantic era of music? Should the studies of the transitional period be limited to only Beethovens works? Is the time in which Beethoven composed the only time period that can be considered the transitional period? My answer to all of these questions is easy to anticipate: no. Beethovens significant contributions to the transitional period from classical to romantic music should not overshadow the contributions of other composers, Schubert in particular, working in the same time period and slightly after most what most would consider ?transitional. It can also be argued that the transitional period extends slightly beyond the time in which Beethoven was composing. Beethoven is necessary in understanding the development of romantic music but, studying his compositions, alone, is not sufficient in fully understanding the musical progression from classical to romantic. The first questions that this argument raises are, Who can also be credited with having helping move western music forward into the romantic era and when did this take place? The time period in which we are most concerned with in this situation will not be the period before Beethoven was composing but the period during and immediately after. The Sonata Since Beethoven, in a chart depicting the production spans of romantic composers , provides us with an idea as to when the most important composers of the now romantic era were producing their works. In the short time period before the greatest composers that we now recognize as romantic began writing† Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Wagner†and during the same time in which Beethoven was composing, we see afore mentioned Austrian composer, Franz Schubert. Of course, as is to be expected, there is a slight overlap between Schubert and these romantic composers. However, it is clear that Schubert was composing before all of them. This leads us to consider the possible influences that Schubert may have had on these composers and, quite possibly, Beethoven himself. In order for us to begin to understand the possible influences that Schubert had on the composers of the romantic era and the involvement that he had in creating the transition, it is importan t to very briefly examine some of Schuberts compositions. Unlike the previous section in which Beethovens sonatas were analyzed more specifically, however, a much broader, less specific overview of the changes that Schubert created is offered. Rockstros remarks that Schuberts method of working differed entirely from Mozarts and Beethovens. He never prepared a perfect mental copy, like the former.[He] wrote almost always on the spur of the moment, committing themselves on paper, as fast as his pen could trace them.Taking this into consideration, it is perhaps easier to understand why the works Schubert are considered to be different from those of Beethoven and the former composers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century composers. It also helps further suggest that many of the changes brought forward by Schubert were, for the most part, very original thus making his contributions more meaningful. From the beginning of Schuberts compositions until the very end, we can view a type of evolution or progression similar to that of Beethovens as viewed in the prior analysis. The difference lies within what the two composers experimented and contributed during the evolution. One of the major contributions made by Schubert during the transition into the romantic era which is not found so much in Beethovens compositions pertains mainly to harmonics. Gordon comments on the contributions of Schubert by saying that Schuberts musical style contains a mixture of the traditional and the forward looking. When Gordon mentions the traditional he refers to the traditional musical structure established in the classical era; looking forward refers to Schuberts new harmonic experimentations. The other aspect of Schuberts musical compositions that has proven to be a critical part in the development of romantic music and very unique to his style is his creation of lyrical or songlike melodies in his piano and other non-voice compositions. Schubert went beyond Beethoven in creating very lyrical themes or melodies. Songs without words they are often referred to as. Similar to Beethovens case, it is difficult to analyze and explain exactly why these piano pieces and other works have such attractive, sweet melodies. W. H. Hadow (1859-1937), a critic of early and late romantic music, writes: In clarity of style [Schubert] was inferior to Mozart; in power of musical construction he was far inferior to Beethoven, but in poetic impulse and suggestion he is unsurpassed. Schuberts later piano sonatas present his lyrical melodies and unique harmonic experimentation and progression better than his early ones. His seventeenth piano sonata (D. 845, composed 1825) contains these strange harmonies and his romantic melodies. D. 845 received great attention in the beginning of 1826 with positive reviews by Schumann and Fink, a music critic from Frankfurt. Fink comments on sonata No. 17 in an article written in 1826 by saying, it moves so freely and originally within its confines, and sometimes so boldly and curiouslyIt is easy to see that these [original melodic and harmonic] inventions are often somewhat odd and that their exposition is even more curious.

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Things You Wont Like About Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples and Things You Will

Things You Won't Like About Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples and Things You Will Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples at a Glance While you cannot predict every essay question, knowing some of the most usual ones may give you an advantage on applications. You're going to want to ascertain your upcoming audience to understand how it is possible to grab their consideration. Assembly people today with each close to the environment appeared to be still another issue which consequently will create us bear in mind this particular occasion. You should have your reasons, and our principal concern is that you find yourself getting a great grade. The Foolproof Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples Strategy A scholarship essay is a significant document that's used in the processes of scholarship application. Scholarship sponsors search for applicants with vision and motivation, so they may ask about your targets and aspirations. So as to convince the judges that you need to obtain the scholarsh ip rather than the other applicants, you've got to tell the judges what makes you a better candidate. Custom made scholarship essay is the best remedy to all of your problems! You have the opportunity of scoring highly if it's written as a class assignment or maybe to win the scholarship of your choice if you're writing the essay for a requirement in scholarship application procedure. Your future is dependent on it. Before you really begin filling out your scholarship applications, you must devote some time contemplating how to write a scholarship essay that will secure the results which you want. If you're applying for scholarships besides the UAOnline program, however, it could be effective to directly tackle the committee or reader, especially in the event you understand specifically who will be evaluating your essays. There's, naturally, a limit on the variety of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but generally, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. After you order an academic paper, it's always higher to be certain of the writing high quality of the papers you are likely to purcha se. The general format of your essay, for example, font size and margins, will solely count on the instructions provided to you. Select from a vast range of topics and kinds of papers. The Basic Facts of Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples They could need to keep up an excellent grade average to make certain they get in the school of their selection. Therefore, among the most important things you need to do when getting prepared to compose your college scholarship essays is to devote some time reflecting on exactly how wonderful you truly are. This page comprises specific information on the topic of college soccer scholarships. An individual may receive a couple of people together and a round ball and begin kicking it around and that might be considered soccer. This is fantastic news for those players. Soccer is a sport that's played in every continent in the Earth, it's the only sport without borders. Soccer (also referred to as football) is the most popular sort of sports on earth. Life After Soccer Scholarship Essay Samples Actually, should you need a customized essay for scholarship feel free to get in touch with AdvancedWriters writing service. A specialized essay writing service gives essay services on all sorts of essays. It's critical that the service you decide on knows for sure they're only selecting the very best essay writers. Employing a writing service is the perfect method to have a well-written essay to use as a guideline to guarantee the essays you write are hitting each of the important points and are at the appropriate depth needed for your academic grade. You can achieve this with several freelance essay writers to locate different high quality sample essays. There are various letter documents and essay examples that are employed in the area of education. With this, you have to make certain you will read and fully-understand the directions about developing a specific scholarship essay. Be sure to follow along with the appropriate format, consisting of the general elements of an essay. While scholarship essay format won't offer you any credentials, they need to be able to steer you properly on the best way to compose the suitable essay. Scholarship essays are a critical matter. The scholarship essays can be found in heaps on the internet, but all of them might not be of the exact same quality. A sample scholarship essay can be a fantastic assistance for students as it can give them of the actual idea about the wants and requirements of this kind of essay.

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The EU and US Decision to Negotiate TTIP/TAFTA

Question: Discuss about theThe EU and US Decision to Negotiate TTIP/TAFTA. Answer: Introduction: The US and the EU have come together to undertake the negotiations, i.e., Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), between themselves keeping in consideration the economic adversities that the entire world is facing. The negotiations between these two economies will be able to reduce the tariff and non-tariff barriers that create obstacles in conducting the smooth trade relations. This will help in conducting the trade and investment relationships among the nations of the world and thereby increasing the financial strength of the countries across the world. This partnership is an ambitious attempt on the part of the two economies of the world, as it will open new scope for employment of the citizens of different nations. These two economies constitute the two developed countries of the globe; therefore, the population of each of the territories can utilize the highly profitable opportunities of these two economies. The negotiations or the agreement made between EU and U S will upgrade the economy of EU by 136 billion dollars and that of US by more than 102 billion dollars. The workers can easily migrate from the US to the EU and vice versa. The already existing strong bond between the two nations would help in boosting the economic growth by adding around 13 million jobs to both the economies. EU is the largest export market for the US and other nations of the world. EU is the largest export market that supports around 2.2 million American jobs, and they each other support nearly 7 million jobs or more. These negotiations would remove all the customs duties on the manufactured goods and services and thereby better opportunities for the companies operating in both EU and US. The possibilities of such negotiations seem to be very promising. How did Government and/or Institutional Policy makers Define or Represent the Issue? The information concerning the negotiations was not revealed to the public. This means that nobody was able to access the information without authorization. The people directly associated with the negotiation proceedings only had access to the information provided in the agreements. Both the US and the EU arrived at the decision of undertaking these negotiations because they needed to improve the economic growth of the first world countries. The negotiations were kept hidden from the glare of the public (Brightbill et al, 2012). The reason for doing so was to address the security concerns that were associated with the negotiations. A growing economy will be highly beneficial for the two countries and whole world in general. The negotiations were characterized in such a manner that would benefit the whole world (Pauwelyn, 2014). With an improved and expanded economy worldwide, there would be reduced cases of poverty across the world. Economic growth will bring about improved standards of living. Improved standards of living would help in the reduction of the level of poverty. This formed the main goals and objectives hoping to be achieved in the negotiations by the two countries (JovanoviĆ¡ DamnjanoviĆ¡, 2015). This was viewed as a solution to the high poverty levels that were witnessed across the world. The course of action released by the EU in 2014 suggested that the two countries had three major categories of discussion throughout the negotiations. These included Market Access, Specific regulation, and broader rules and principles. These were seen as the target areas for discussion between the two economies. It was believed that addressing these categories would result in adapting certain strategies that would lead to economic improvement for the two economies involved in the negotiations. (Mares, 2016). The EU explained the various concerns that the public may have as a result of the leaked information. The EU and the US have had several relations with each other for several years. In the year 1998, the Trans-Atlantic trade agreement was developed. The TTIP was a continuation of these negotiations; more than hundred CEOs from both EU and the US conduct trade and investment conferences. At least twice a week, the EU high representative meets with the US secretary of State. The EU Commission president meets on a biannual basis with the American president in order to discuss matters affecting two continents. This is gradually improving the relationship between both countries. The US and the EU have also made trade and investment agreements in Asia. For example, the EU and US developed FTA with Mexico in 1997. The EU and the US made a trade agreement with Canada in 2013 called CETA (Pauwelyn, 2014). This shows the manner in which the two countries have been in relations with one another . The negotiations of the TTIP were no different from the rest. Both parties identified a problem and sought to have discussions to provide solutions to the problem. The EU and the US expressed that regulating the economic activities would help in improving the economic status of the world and their respective countries at large. Poverty was becoming a major concern in the eyes of various leaders. The governments of these nations are trying to offer humanitarian support to poor families around the world to the tune of billions of dollars on a yearly basis. This shows the true scope of the problem that is being faced by a majority of the people in the world. Various world leaders have often raised the issue of having high levels of poverty in their countries. This can also be attributed to lack of employment (Brightbill et al, 2012). Employment, thus is presumed as one of the most accurate solutions to the problem of poverty. For this reason, the governments around the world strive to increase job opportunities in their respective countries. The issue is often represented by the calls to the private sector to provide none discriminatory job opport unities. Therefore, the governments of the US and the EU approached the problem by initiating the negotiations that sought to provide a solution to the problem faced by a majority of the countries. Did Policy makers Perceive the Issue as Potentially Beneficial or Potentially Threatening to their Interests? The policy makers perceived the situation to be potentially beneficial to the members of the society. There are various reasons as to why the situation is seen to be beneficial. The system of having an active economic process within a country is seen as a positive move to a country and the world at large. The US and the EU are in the process of ensuring that they are able to increase the size of their economies for the benefit of every citizen in the respective countries (JovanoviĆ¡ DamnjanoviĆ¡, 2015). The justification of the negotiations was hard to understand at the beginning. The intentions of the two countries in conducting the negotiations were clearly based on the intentions they explained to the public. It was highly expected that such negotiations would yield good results that would be beneficial to the international community at large. Several factors were prioritized within the negotiation processes. These were seen as the true reasons as to why the n egotiations were categorized to be beneficial to the community. High poverty levels symbolize that the members of the various communities continue living in degraded lives rather than improving them. The public society believes that the policy makers are willing to uphold (Pauwelyn, 2014). However, providing a solution to the problem would improve the lives of the people living within the community. When the employment opportunities will rise, the people across the nations will be in a position to cater to every need. It will facilitate an improvement of the living standards. The policy makers institute various regulations that will encourage the employers within the countries to increase job opportunities. If people are not working, they will not be able to sustain themselves. For this reason, the policy makers and the governments have categorized this as a serious factor. The solutions obtained from the negotiations will be highly beneficial to the society. The policy makers created awareness of the benefits that were associated with the negotiations. The relationship between the two countries will be heightened because of the negotiations. For example, the citizens of both countries will experience free and fair trading activities. Bans that had earlier been imposed on the trading activities will be revoked (Lu, 2014). This will facilitate the growth of trade between countries. The good relationship will result in the reduction of the price of goods and services from different countries. Cross-border trade will help in improving the economic activities that are practiced by the citizens. Policy makers argued that the two nations in negotiations would strive to benefit their economies. The negotiations looked at the benefits they would first gain. However, these benefits will be spread to the rest of the world. The people living in both the EU and the US will begin to start enjoying the benefits of these negotiations as soon as they are completed and finalized. The gesture seems like it is good when the desired outcome is analysed. The policy makers make perceptions over the current situation of the negotiations. They provided information about the status of the negotiations and the large benefits they would have to the communities living within the two countries and the world at large. Policy makers believe that the TTIP negotiations will improve the economic nature of countries across the world (Mares, 2016). This will be accomplished by the increase in economic activities that will be witnessed in the global economy. Policy makers believed that the economy could expand with an increase of trade activities that are conducted within the trade sector. The poverty levels in various sections across the world are constantly increasing. This has led to the reduction in the standards of living. It is crucial to educate the people on the importance of engaging in economic activities. People who are beginning to see the importance of spending their money to buy goods and services characterize a growing economy. The key is to ensure that money is constantly in circulation and this can be done through the rise in the rate of employment. The partnership trade negotiations are seeking ways to which people can be persuaded to spend their money. This will reduce the culture of saving money. Saving is a spirit that has been engraved in the mind and hearts of many (Grether Mathys, 2010). This causes the money to remain stored in the possession of consumers. Consumers should be urged to spend their money. This is the key to economic growth. Several policy makers have the need to meet their interests through these negotiations and strategies. However, the negotiations were seen as potentially beneficial to some of the policy makers in that trade relations within the EU and the US will be upgraded. Improved trade relations means that the policy makers will be in a position to exercise the new trade opportunities that will have come up after the negotiations. Aside from the interests of the society members, the policy makers stand a chance to benefit largely from the opportunities provided by the negotiations. New trade treaties were developed, which opened new vistas in the field of trade activities with different communities (Crook, 2013). This has reduced the workload cut out for the policy makers in terms of developing policies that will help regulate and govern the economic activities that will be taking place. Ultimately, the perception of the issue under negotiation is highly dependent on the personal issues that ar e being observed by an individual. This means that the policy makers observe their personal interests as well. A majority of the policy makers will benefit from the solving of the problem. What possible alternatives did policymakers consider, or fail to consider, that might have been taken into account? The negotiating countries have had some things that they overlooked during their negotiations. There are billions of people on earth. For this reason, it is difficult to satisfy the needs of every individual. When conducting such huge negotiations, it is the responsibility of the negotiators to ensure that they satisfy the needs of the majority of the people. The argument is that when a large group of peopleis satisfied, they will influence the other people who were on the other end. This will result in an improvement of the lives of the people in these countries (JovanoviĆ¡ DamnjanoviĆ¡, 2015). For example, the negotiators had a view that the partnership would benefit the economy of the world. As much as the US and the EU would benefit from these negotiations, the rest of the world would benefit from it as well. This is despite the fact that other people were not involved in the negotiation process. The policy makers considered the possibility of passing on the benefits to the rest of the world. This concept was discussed, and a solution was arrived at. The potential benefits of the negotiations indicate that the world economy would increase by 100 billion pounds. This is alongside the fact that the individual economies of the EU and the US would increase as well. However, the economy of the EU would increase much more than that of the US. This means that the EU is benefiting more than the US. Despite these results, the ultimate outcome of the negotiations is still good, and a majority of the communities around the world would benefit and begin experiencing better standards of living. The policy makers did not just put their interests first (Brightbill et al, 2012), they also considered the interests of the other people living on the planet as well. This can be the basis of the negotiations that were conducted between the two countries. However, the policymakers have omitted some elements during the initiation of the negotiation process. The policy makers did not remember to assess the perception of other people in the world. The omission of other countries in the Partnership trade agreement would make them feel as if they have been neglected in the negotiations. Such huge talks should involve a lot more countries, other than just the two countries that are involved. The problems they were facing are those that are affecting all the countries of the world. Before the negotiations could begin, the two countries would have strived to include more countries in the negotiations. The outcome of the negotiations would affect the economies of all countries in the world (Harris, 2010). For this reason, the policy makers should have considered, including the other nations in the negotiations as well. Including other countries would have resulted in the addition of new concepts and ideas that they might have. Also, people liv ing in othercountries are better aware of the challenges they face in their respective countries. For this reason, they should be allowed to air their views and contribute towards proving a global and lasting solution to some of the problems being faced. This move could improve the desired outcome of the negotiations that are taking place. By ensuring that this provision is included, the policy makers would have made the other members of the world feel as if the negotiations are looking into their best interests. The larger number of people involved in the negotiation process, the better the ideas that will be developed from the negotiations (French, 2015). It is crucial for the policy makers to look at the best possible outcome of the negotiations. The idea is to ensure that the best of the desired goals are achieved. However, the policymakers were reluctant to release this information to members of the public. This was one of their best-guarded secrets. The draft leak that occurred in the year 2014 was met with a strategy to restore the level of security for the information that was discussed at the negotiation conference. They found it to be best to hide this information from the public. However, people in the world have a desire to access this information. The leaders are not in a position to define what problems t he local communities are facing. The policy makers had the obligation of ensuring that sectors of the economy are adequately examined and assessed. Omitting some sections will result in uncertainty of the public. There were some security concerns regarding the negotiations. This prompted the high level of secrecy in the negotiations. These concerns were legitimate, because if the information fell into the wrong hands, there are some consequences that would have been incurred. It was the view of the policy makers that the information is held in secret to ensure that it is safeguarded against any malicious threat. It would have enabled the negotiations to go on smoothly (Crook, 2013). The TTIP negotiation talks conducted by the US and the EU invited other policy makers to help in ensuring that the talks were successful in contributing to some of the factors that may have been omitted from the beginning of the talks. This would be the finished product that would achieve all that was promised. The finished product would be used as a gauge guide on the progress that has been made with the partnership. However, another alternative would be to ensure that the negotiations were completed within the s tipulated period. Extending the timeline will reduce the level of confidence from the public on the negotiating team. What were the Main successes and/or Failures of the Decision? Some successful elements were brought about by the negotiations. The intentions of the negotiations are to improve the trade activities between the EU and the US. For this reason, it is expected that the benefits would be tailored to these two continents alone. The realistic perspective that has been displayed by the policy makers is that the negotiations would increase the economies of every country in the world. These two countries have some of the largest economies in the world. For this reason, their impact will be felt throughout the world. The increase in the economies belonging to the two worlds would affect the additional countries in the world to ensure that the rest of the world has felt the benefits as well. There are increased chances that any country in the world would conduct trading activities with these countries. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the relationship between these countries and the trading countries have been addressed in the best way possi ble (French, 2015). Trading activities are conducted throughout the world. This was considered as a major success for the negotiating team. The results that would have been achieved from the process indicated that the process was a complete success. The increase in the economic capacity of the world was identified as the biggest gain of the negotiation. Improving the standards of living for people across the world would reduce the level of poverty in the world. Poverty has been a major problem that world leaders have been trying to eradicate. People usually work tirelessly to increase their income and reduce the level of poverty they are in. These benefits would help the people in different parts the world to begin understanding why the negotiations were conducted, the benefits they would bring to them. Creating this awareness would help in ensuring that the people have the adequate knowledge to eradicate poverty in their lives (Mares, 2016). The negotiations would develop new guidelines and restrictions that would ensure the standards of living are improved. The new guidelines would eliminate the ancient old regulations that existed. They would reduce the number of barriers that hindered trade activities take place smoothly. A lot of bureaucracy is witnessed in the cross-border trade systems. For this reason, the level of economic trade is limited. A majority of the countries in the world is seeking to benefit themselves through trading activities. However, the process has proven to be difficult because of the stringent security features that have been placed. Trust is a major aspect that hinders various operations in the world. Countries are looking to protect themselves and their citizens from the harsh external environment. Breaking these barriers would be the key to improving international trading activities. Increase trade levels would result in improved economies. This would ultimately result in improved standards of living. Improved living standards would cause the level of poverty to reduce across the world (Harris, 2010). Economic activities would result in increased circulation of money, which is good to achieve all the goals of the negotiations. On the other hand, the policy makers failed in including other countries in the negotiations. The result of the negotiation talks would affect all countries of the world. For this reason, they should be involved in the process. This would have given an opportunity to air their views and opinions. In any gathering, two minds are better than one. For this reason, the more people brought on-board to the negotiating table; the more likely the outcome will be better. However, this was felt to be a burden on the policy makers. Organizing the logistics of the process where various leaders are expected to grace the occasion, would have been a headache for them. Therefore, the policy makers failed in including other countries in the negotiations. These high profile dignitaries would be attending the session (Lu, 2014). For this reason, a high level of security detail at the conference would need to be implemented. The negotiating countries sort to eliminate this burden by limiting the number of countries that were involved in the process. Also, they would have an opportunity to discuss matters that affect them alone. The benefits of the negotiation were so big that they would spill over to the rest of the world. This forms part of the good news that was associated with the partnership deal. Inviting the rest of the country for the conference would be a logistical nightmare for the organizers trying to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The decision to engage in the trade negotiations between the US and the EU has yielded some positive outcomes in the community. Countries in the world will be able to improve their economic status, because of these negotiations. The general outcome of the forum would be very beneficial because the interests of the policy makers will have been satisfied. This forms one of the decisions that were made by the policy makers. They put the interests of other people before them. This caused them to practice generosity. On the contrary, they would have opted to have their independent talks that would not result in any benefit to any other person or country. These would have been their selfish gains. However, thinking of the rest of the community members is a wise decision (Grether Mathys, 2010). It also yielded positive results for them and the world at large. This was successful because it raised the standards of living for a majority of the people in the world. The scope of the discussion s incorporated the larger part of the world. This was aimed at spreading the benefits to them through the decisions that were arrived at. However, the benefits that were carried through the negotiations would benefit the two countries more. Additional benefits would be reflected in the rest of the world, by the fact that they will be interacting with these countries through trade activities. Conclusion: The entire discussion regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) or the Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) makes it evident that the agreement or the proposal that would be made between the two economies of the world would be able to ensure benefits for the entire world. As and when the monetary status of the first world countries will raise the condition of living and income opportunities would also increase throughout the world. The expansion of the trade relations due to smooth partnership between EU and US will create new vistas for the population across the world. They can migrate from one region to another without any such said barriers, and can seek suitable employment in the EU and US. The poverty that is prevailing across the third world countries would decrease when the free export and import of the goods would become possible all around the world. Very high value products especially the agricultural products, such as cheese, hams, wine, olive oi l, chocolates and spirit to US, if high tariffs placed at US customs are removed and vice versa, then the farmers can receive a boost in their economic growth. Such strategies would help in creating an overall development of around 800 million citizens across EU and US. The agreement will also assist in benefitting the Europeans by opening more possibilities to trade and globalization. The European firms can easily have an active participation in US and the US companies can also open their branches for more profit in the regions of EU. The market of EU will be also able to get cheaper American Imported items with more varieties. List of References Brightbill, T., Laroski, J. A., Sullivan, T. O., Bentes, P. M., Smith, P. 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